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Leaping is Part of My Recovery

This year I have decided to live. To live fully. I am tired of being scared, crouched in the dark, hiding from the world and myself. I have experienced too many losses in the last year – from my marriage, to my parents marriage, to my self-esteem.

I am slowly recovering. The most important connection that I have recovered is the one with my Higher Power, which in my case is God. I also call Him by other names – mainly Universe.

And this connection has added a thirst for fearless living and leaping. And leaping means doing things that are bold, brave and come from my deepest instinct. Yup, the instinct that was so marinaded in alcohol that had ceased to exist.

Signing up for a magical weekend of Women in Recovery in NYC is one of those leaps. The fact that the 4 women whose books I have read in the last six-months are going to be ALL IN ONE STAGE is beyond anything I could have planned.

Here we go, NYC. Leaping in 2017. Recovery and Self-Love come first this year.

I am scared shitless. Shitless is BIG word. Big scared. But leaping nonetheless.

PS: Just bought my ticket to this event, with money that was supposed to be for rent. Stupid, but the Universe seems to have the wheel.

Pamela is a Certified Professional Recovery Coach & Educator. She has been in recovery since 2009, and is a passionate about breaking the stigma surrounding addiction. Please share this post via the channels below or anyone in your life who may benefit from a little information about drinking and recovery.


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