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Hell Yeah to Online Recovery.

I just received my first email from a fellow woman in recovery via my blog. We met on Instagram and she reached out to me after reading some of my posts. OMG! YEAH!! (insert jumping girl here!).

I am so so so thrilled.

For 80+ years, the “secret handshake” of recovery has stayed in the rooms of AA, passed on from person to person. While this is great, this only addresses the people who take themselves to a meeting. It does not help those of us, like me, who desperately search for answers while on the job, secretly navigating online to see if something out there can provide a clue as to what is happening to me. It is SO difficult to find good, solid sobriety information online. And again, due to certain traditions of Anonymity, us recovered "alkies" have stayed in the shadows, taking our message of recovery within our network alone.

NO MAS. I am devoted to creating an online sober tribe that spreads messages of hope, experience in recovery, and tools to get plugged into the solution. While the program is better worked one on one, and meetings and fellowship are vital to the process of recovery (please do NOT think I am saying that online tools will suffice!), there is a tremendous need for a real recovery online community.

I am so thrilled to get started on this journey. I am here and wanting to share my hope, strength and experience. And bitch with you, too. Bc this journey is better if someone holds your hand through it. So – drop me a note, email me, reach out. Follow me on Instagram, and send me a note.

Its time to come out of the darkness. It’s time.

Sending you lots of love and hope,

Sober Mami::


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