There is nothing lonelier and more painful than living a life that is out of control, slave to an addiction. I know, because I lived in that place for many years.
My addiction to alcohol separated me from everything that is good and whole in life, starting with my own person. In my decades of drinking, I lost my sense of peace, hope and serenity. I lost the relationship with myself and with everyone around me. I truth, my life revolved around my drinking.
It really was not living, but surviving. It. Just. Sucked.
And then, I started to recover.
It did not happen overnight, but it did happen. And it started with a decision to do things differently.
I quit drinking, yes. But recovery is so much more than that. I learned to live. I learned to re-connect with the world. I recovered the path back "home" to my soul, and to others around me. I learned to feel emotions without having to numb them with alcohol -- the good and the bad.
I started to discover life again and re-define who I wanted to BE.
Today, my life could not be more amazing. It's full of badassness and joy. 
My mission is to help you do JUST THAT. Our goal together is NOT for you to quit drinking. Our goal is to help you start LIVING.
Together, we will explore hope, possibilities and practical tools, to help you find a beautiful and sustainable path to recovery. Because your story, wherever you are in it, can have a different chapter.
YOU - Free. Peaceful. Recovered. Sounds good? Let's go.