About Me

Woman. Mama. Executive Producer. Storyteller. Voice Actor.

Creator of Possibilities. Partner in Crime. 


Certified Professional Life / Recovery Coach (CPC/CPRC) 


My passion lives in the concept of “changing one’s story” through recovery. A deep believer in both spiritual surrender and personal empowerment, I help clients step out of addiction through recovering a connection to Self, and discovering a new freedom in the process. 

My story includes surviving a kidnapping, two divorces, single parenting and 10 years in a journey of recovery from alcohol addiction.


Through changing the narrative of my own life, I view recovery as the ultimate process of possibility and transformation.

Sounds like something you want to experience in your own life?


Drop me a line and let's talk!

Spanish sessions available.

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Drop me a line!

It is not your job to try to stop drinking on your own.
It is your job to run to the solution as fast as you can.
Caroline Murphy

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